Event Kit Workshop

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Event Kit Workshop


Professional development for people who plan events.

Event skills workshops for entry-level event coordinators or/ teams who organise events as part of their role within their organisation.

Produce better events | Improve confidence and reduce stress | Be a better event manager | Make better events | Reduce costs and increase success | Translate business strategy into practical event actions

We help you take your events to the next level.


  • Fully customised training workshop program designed by Strategy Consultant and Event Producer, Rachella Thomas

    • Pre-coaching consultation with senior management to understand organisational objectives, event strategy, scope of specifics of team's event portfolio and which skills/ knowledge gap needs to be workshopped
      (via phone/Skype/email)

    • Half-day skills training workshop for your team - workshop content designed specifically to suit skill level and requirements of your team, interactive exercises based on real life events, and clear, practical advice designed to be implemented straight away

    • Follow-up consultation to answer questions, solidify knowledge and guide specific team actions (via phone/Skype/email)

  • Unlimited use of Event Kit's - Event Organiser's Toolkit (value $240 - reference materials, templates, tools and planning aids)

  • Certificate of completion for participants

  • Workshops are held at your business or organisation

  • Includes travel to your office within 150km from Melbourne. Additional distance may incur additional travel/accommodation costs. Alternatively, Skype sessions are an option

  • Workshop participation - min 3 people, max 8 people
    Additional participants may incur additional costs.



Event Management 101: The essentials every event planner needs to know about planning and coordinating events. Theory is translated into practical workflows and key project plans.

Creative New Ideas: Explore the creative journey of bringing to life an idea. The journey starts with the organisational strategy and creative vision, and translates that into event concept and event format. Together we create a workable plan that aligns event concepts with organisation objectives.

Catch The Crowd: What do you hope to achieve by promoting your business/organisation at events? We create a pathway through to success from the practical to the creative for event stallholders/ vendors/ exhibitors.

Terrorism, Risk and Events: What event planners need to know, now the world is changing. We cover the big threats and the seemingly insignificant ones. We also cover the threats you haven’t even noticed yet. Risk management, emergency response plans, safety regulations, permit compliance and Duty of Care can be complicated, costly and confusing without a proper understanding. We help you navigate this ever-changing terrain of public events.

OR…. request your own topic based on your team’s requirements and upcoming events


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About Event Skills Capacity Building


Event management can seem straightforward, until you are overwhelmed by the complexity of it all. Event management these days is stressful, frustrating and loaded with regulations and compliance. But don't fret - with the right advice and guidance, even the most hesitant or new event manager, can learn to delivery great events.

It is now well recognised that event industry is a fast moving field and businesses running events across government, community, corporate and communications sectors need to ensure their employees have the right expertise and skills to keep apace and drive change.

Our approach is unique. Unlike other training organisations, Event Kit is also an active event management agency. Our team is actively working in the field and across the ever-changing design trends, legal requirements, risk management and, of course, consumer demands.

Spearheaded by Rachella Thomas, Event Kit's capacity building focus comes from the idea that sharing expertise and increasing people's skills will improve the industry experience, and benefit all of us. Event Kit coaching is based on an interactive and collaborative training approach, designed to deliver exceptional quality technical content and training design, based on theory and proven practice.

Event Kit event skills coaching is completely bespoke; fully tailored for each client. Both the 1:1 skills coaching and team workshops are designed to suit the specific skills level and project requirements of each client - so we don’t run generic open access workshops around Melbourne. Got questions? Get answers. Let's talk.