Event ideas for a farewell party

You might be graduating students, or leaving an old job. Whatever the reason, you've got a farewell party booked in the dairy. What to do????


Don't panic. Let’s consider what you are trying to achieve. It is a celebration and a farewell, so you will want it to be fun and memorable.

So let’s keep those things in mind… fun and memorable.

What’s fun?

Music - get some instruments out and play some music together, or pre-arrange a flashmob dance.. get people up and dancing and singing

Short skit - are there writers amongst you? because you have stories to tell. write a short comedy skit about the funny things that happened during your course

Dress-up - even if you’re going to have lunch in a public place like a restaurant or public park, how about you choose a theme and dress-up. It will certainly make you all laugh and be a great conversation piece.

What’s memorable?

It will be memorable if you have fun and have a good time. It doesn’t really matter what you do, being amongst friends is the thing you’ll remember.

So capture those memories. Do it in new and interesting ways - put down the iPhone and snapchat - grab a real film camera. Take real photos and wait to get a great surprise when you get the film developed.

Memory book - get everyone to sign in your memory book. Messsages of happiness, good luck, great memories… and of course, email addresses!


My most important advice: don’t over complicate your event. It’s an occasion that should be focused on friends, laughter and making happy memories. It shouldn’t be a day when you’re stressing over how your event is running. If you do still want to organise a big event, feel free to get some more advice and event management tools from the Event Kit. Enjoy!


Rachella Thomas