Getting the most from your expo stand

I thought I’d put together a few words of advice and a short ‘checklist’ to help you refine your plans for the expo so you get the best possible return for your effort.

The trick is to remain focused on the WHY and check that all aspects of your activity at the expo lead back to fulfilling WHY you are there.

The Why?

You are there to convey a message, to meet the right people and to initiate future contact with them.


1. Reminders about the expo and its visitors

  • Patrons are going to the expo because they have a need/problem/questions – and they are looking for a solution and answers
  • The expo is a live marketing event – you are there to show the visitors your message 
  • An expo stand should have a clear message - be it a concept or idea – at a glance visitors should know what that message is
  • Remember to build up to the ‘personality’ of your business
  • Consider the challenges of exhibiting in a crowded space with noise, lights and distractions
  • Expos stands are just wall and lights, which is not interesting. It will be the images, people and props that begin to convey the dynamic experience of you business
  • You have approximately 2 seconds to capture their attention, and if successful… 30 seconds before they form their impression
  • And finally…. Keep smiling and enjoy it. You are potentially welcoming a new friend and neighbour into your life.


2. Checklist review of the impact of your stand

  • Do you know why you are at the expo? Do your stand attendants?
  • What ideas are they taking away with them? What are they literally taking away with them?
  • Does everyone know what they are doing?
  • Does everyone know what they are saying?
  • How has it achieved the visitors’ objectives?
  • Have you tested the technology? Test it again.
  • Match your take-away marketing collateral to your conversation and to your stand display. People will recognise and remember the ‘signposts’ you give them when they read the collateral later.
  • What is your big IDEA? What’s in it for visitor?
  • Are you chatting with your visitors as a potential friend/neighbour/relative?
  • The information you are presenting - does it address the concerns in their lives? Do you answer their burning questions?
  • How much tiny detail do you have in the presentation? Remember, visitors don’t care about that too much at this stage and it’s tough to present detail in such a short timeframe.
  • What do YOU want from the visitors? You can control and manage that so think about the questions you are asking them. Have a secret checklist.
  • How are you going to look after your stand attendants? It’s a long day, what do you have to treat them and have you ensured they have scheduled breaks and food to sustain their energy and enthusiasm for each day?
  • Equipment and presentation material and props? Are they practical? Are they logical? Are they creative? Are they big picture? Are they appealing? Are they colourful?
  • What could go wrong at the expo and what is your contingency?
  • Set up time? Pack down time? Have you thought about each step of your daily logistics?
  • What will you do if someone is rude/ offensive? Do you have appropriate personalities who will look after each other at the stand?
  • What will you do if you are asked a question and you don’t know the answer? How will you get the answer? Will it be on the spot? Who can you call? Do you have the internet?
  • Are you ready to invite visitors to the Open Day? How are you communicating that? When will you tell them about it? How will you make it appealing? Worth the drive?
  • If there is ONE thing you want the visitor to remember, what is it? And how are you making sure they remember it?


If you found this useful, you will probably benefit from further Event Kit coaching and 1:1 mentoring. Feel free to give me a buzz and we can continue this conversation...


Rachella x