How do I become a great event manager?

Whenever I've given lectures to event management students , I'm always asked the same question....

Let's cut to the chase. Here's the answer: YOU

How you become a great event manager is by being you. Your best teacher is always you. It's YOUR experiences that give you the answers.


What do I mean by that?

If you've ever attended an event and thought good or bad things about, then YOU have started the process of learning.

There are a million possible ways to organise an event. There are a million things I end up telling students and event mentorees about how to organise events ... But there is one important point that I always make.

Your best teacher is you.

It's a deceptively simple idea. But it works.

Think about it... you already know what makes a great event, and what makes one bomb. You have all the answers and clues because you've experienced it all first hand whenever you've attended an event. You have seen what NOT to do. You have experienced what DEFINITELY NOT to do... and hopefully you've enjoyed what TO DO.

You've experienced it all before you even began to think about organising your own event or becoming an event manager.

I can guarantee at some point in your life you've chatted to your mates about how they could be done better if only they'd done THIS more and THAT less. There you go. That was you teaching yourself.

Now of course you've probably realised that gives you the ability to think about what you want your events to be, but it doesn't help your event management skills. Don't freak out - that's where I have you covered. Get yourself the event management tools you need and away you go...


But before then...

let's sharpen your event manager mind with this exercise I give my mentoring clients:

"Think about your most memorable and favourite event experience (as an event attendee, not organiser)...

Now think about the worst event experience you’ve had...

Now ask yourself, "what made it so good?" "what made it so bad?"


List them out.

See what patterns emerge.

What could they have done better? What do you remember most. Keep this list close by whenever you're planning an event. 

Rachella Thomas x