How do you start your own event management company?

As you'd know by now, I’ve run my own successful event management company. It is hard work, but worth every minute if you love organising events.

I’m often asked by new and aspiring event managers, what’s the best way to break into the industry. After being asked so many times, I decided to pull together the event organiser's toolkit to help new and aspiring event managers. This is how this all began...


My advice is for you to first build your event management experience and NETWORK your brain out while you do it. When you strike out on your own, you will need to know a lot of people in the industry. They will be the people you call on to get clients!


Then make the move to being a Freelance event manager, which is your next step to building your own event management company. When you freelance, you are no longer working for an employee full time, you are seeking employers for contract work on projects and this gets you in the groove for SEEKING projects and SEEKING clients. Being a freelance event manager is somewhere between being an employed event manager and running your own business. Yay.

Spend this in between time building your suite of business documents. You will need so many documents, agreements, business planning tools, a business plan, client meeting templates, event services list, client and project tracking… oh and much more.


Rachella Thomas