Tips for future event managers

So you want to be an event manager. Great.

If you learn nothing from me, remember these free pearls of wisdom. It took me years to learn these tips, and I did it the hard way. Through trial and (usually embarrassing and stressful) error....

1.    Use your own event (attendance) experience. Become a critic. Always watch what others do and learn from their successes and mistakes. You are your best teacher.

2.     Never assume. Don't assume something will happen or that someone knows something. They MAY not. Until you know, you don't know. Always confirm. Never assume.

3.     Don’t reinvent the wheel. If it exists and you can use it. Get it. Save your time and worry. Use templates.

4.     Always seek the advice and guidance of others. Get yourself a mentor.

5.     Keep organised. Don't think you'll update thosedocuments later, when you have more time. You'll never find that time. Always stay ahead of your paperwork with good event management tools.

6.     Get lasting evidence of your amazing work. Event's are ephemeral. Take photos and video. Keep programs and posters. And ask for testimonials.

7.     Provide quality essentials. It doesn't matter how good your program is, the key to really winning people is good food, clean toilets and easy crowd flow.

8.     Keep yourself sane. Remember it's just an event and not brains surgery. Stuff-ups are inevitable and it's OK. it's not the end of the world. It really is a learning opportunity.

...and enjoy yourself. Always enjoy yourself. Relax and be kind to yourself.


Rachella Thomas xx